Wednesday, June 24, 2015

no. 425 - doug rader

Who is the man: Doug Rader was coming off one of his most productive power seasons (career-high 25 home runs) and his first Gold Glove season when this card was released.

Can ya dig it: I think Rader is harboring some tobacco.

Right on: The pitcher is in front of you, Doug, not over at third base. Then again, he's batting from behind the on-deck circle, so I'd be confused where to look, too.

You see that cat Rader is a bad mother: Rader won five straight Gold Gloves at third base between 1970-74.

Shut your mouth: Rader was a notoriously unpopular manager for both the Rangers and Angels. When he was let go by the Angels, outfielder Devon White said: "I was happy when Doug got fired, I'm not going to lie."

No one understands him but his woman: Rader in a famed TV interview with former major leaguer Jim Bouton, advised Little Leaguers to eat the bubble gum in their baseball card packs, but also to eat the cards, too. "They should only eat the cards of the good ballplayers. Say you got a kid who's 5-foot-1. Let him eat a Willie McCovey card. Willie's 6-4. The kid may grow. You never can tell."

(A word about the back): Rader's .333 batting average in his first season came in 47 games and 162 at-bats.

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