Friday, June 26, 2015

no. 426 - chris cannizzaro

Who is the man: Chris Cannizzaro was coming off the most productive season of his 13-year major league career. In 111 games in 1970, he batted .279, 59 points higher than the previous year in which he was an All-Star.

Can ya dig it: See the two guys in the background? I wonder if the guy on the right is leaning over to spit?

Right on: If Cannizzaro was a player today, I shudder to think what his signature would look like. That autograph there is pretty awesome.

You see that cat Cannizzaro is a bad mother: Cannizzaro was the first Padre ever named to the All-Star Game.

Shut your mouth: Cannizzaro caught all 23 innings of a game the Mets played against the Giants on May 31, 1964.

No one understands him but his woman: Casey Stengel, known for mispronouncing, or plain just forgetting his players' names, referred to Cannizzaro as "Canzoneri".

(A word about the back): Cannizzaro is among 10 catchers to have two unassisted double plays in his career. Cannizzaro is one of only two catchers to perform the feat in back-to-back seasons. But Frank Crossin (1914) and Jorge Posada (2000) did it twice in the same season.

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