Thursday, September 10, 2015

no. 450 - bob gibson

Who is the man: Bob Gibson won his second Cy Young Award in 1970 after winning 23 games and striking out a career-high 274 batters. It was his last great season (although '72 was pretty good, too).

Can ya dig it: One of those weirdly cool action shots from '71 Topps. Gibson is just beginning his wind-up, not something you see a lot on cards. I like it.

Right on: I might have been more excited on the day that I got this card than any other in the '71 set. ... well, except for the one that completed the set anyway.

You see that cat Gibson is a bad mother: Damn straight. His whole career was bad-ass. You want me to cite just one moment? He threw at batters standing in the on-deck circle!

Shut your mouth: Gibson refused to talk to the opposition. Even during All-Star Games, when he played on the same team as his NL opponents, he would not talk to his all-star teammates.

No one understands him but his woman: Gibson had difficulty getting jobs in baseball after his career. He believed it was because of his reputation for being outspoken and hard to get along with.

(A word about the back): Nolan Ryan had 15 years of 200 or more strikeouts, far surpassing Gibson's record.


  1. Gibson cards were a prized possession when I was a kid (and still are). The '71 is a personal favorite. Gibby was indeed a bad mother.

  2. I believe that is Vern Benson, third base coach, in the background.