Tuesday, September 22, 2015

no. 454 - mike paul

Who is the man: Mike Paul endured a disappointing 1970 season, winning just two games, after showing promise in his first two years with the Indians.

Can ya dig it: This is one of the first 1971 action cards that I ever owned. That version was more beat up than this one.

Right on: They sure left a lot in the photo. You can barely see Paul's face. But the shot provides atmosphere. I like it.

You see that cat Paul is a bad mother: After Paul's major league career ended in 1974, he went to the Mexican League, where he played for seven years. He did quite well and was one of the more popular American players. In 1980, he went 20-5 for Juarez.

Shut your mouth: In comparing the Mexican game with the MLB game for a New York Times article, Paul said Mexican players weren't as strong and powerful as American players. "They're always bunting," he said. "They'll squeeze for a run in the first inning. They get the bat on the ball. It ticks you off as a pitcher, but that's their game."

No one understands him but his woman: When Paul pitched in relief for the Rangers in 1973, manager Whitey Herzog called Paul and fellow reliever Lloyd Allen "the arson squad."

(A word about the back): The bio mentions the Metropolitan League and the University of Arizona, but obviously, Arizona didn't play in the Metropolitan League. The first part of the bio is referring to Paul's time with Cerritos College, a junior college in California, which played in the Metropolitan League in the 1960s.

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  1. After looking at the back are you really disappointed that "you can barely see Paul's face" on the front? ;)