Monday, November 23, 2015

no. 476 - dal maxvill

Who is the man: Dal Maxvill continued his reputation as a good-field, no-hit shortstop in 1970, playing in 152 games and batting .201 with zero home runs.

Can ya dig it: Oh, my goodness, this was one of my favorite 1971 cards as a kid. Viewing it then, Maxvill seemed at least 18 feet off the ground.

Right on: Still a wonderful early '70s card. So much going on over three-quarters of the photo and then absolutely nothing happening in the upper right quadrant.

You see that cat Maxvill is a bad mother: Maxvill played in five World Series during his career, three with the Cardinals and two with the A's.

Shut your mouth: Maxvill caught the final out to give the Cardinals the 1964 World Series over the Yankees.

No one understands him but his woman: Maxvill went 0-for-22 in the 1968 World Series, which set a record for the most Series at-bats without a hit.

(A word about the back): Again, those are some feeble 1970 stats.


  1. "First grand-slammer against Montreal."
    Three cheers for expansion-year pitching!

    This is a pretty sweet card. I'd never seen it before.

  2. This is the downside of many "action" cards. The photo is taken at such a distance that the player is not recognizable.

    1. That's why they gave you a head shot on the back! '71 Topps was brilliant.

  3. 152 G, 399 AB, 80 hits, 89 total bases - wow, just wow. Ray Oyler would have been envious of that stat line, however.

  4. That looks like Shea Stadium and that's clearly a Mets uni, but I can't tell who is sliding into second. Any ideas? I've always loved this card, too, and I've burned up the web trying to determine who the other player is - and have come up empty.