Wednesday, November 25, 2015

no. 477 - earl weaver

Who is the man: Earl Weaver just finished leading the Orioles to the only World Series title of his 17-year managerial career when this card was issued. The 1970 Orioles went 108-54 and mowed over the Twins and Reds to become world champs.

Can ya dig it: Four palm trees and a light tower in the background. I do dig it.

Right on: This is the first Weaver card issued in which you can see his waist. But Weaver never had much of a gut (all that arguing kept him fit), so the waist is a waste!

You see that cat Weaver is a bad mother: Weaver, elected to the Hall of Fame in 1996, is 10th all-time in career winning percentage by a manager at .583 (1,480-1,060).

Shut your mouth: Weaver is third all-time in manager ejections with 94 total.

No one understands him but his woman: Weaver's first wife left him, saying, "Earl, the only thing worse than you being gone is you being home." His second wife, Marianna, was married to him until he died in 2013.

(A word about the back): All of those All-Star teams came in the minor leagues (or maybe the write-up is referring to Legion or high school ball) because Weaver never played in the majors.


  1. I like to think the cigarette was in his right hand in this pic.