Thursday, December 10, 2015

no. 481 - daryl patterson

Who is the man: Daryl Patterson had completed his third season as a relief pitcher for the Tigers when this card came out. But he probably wasn't a Tiger anymore when this card hit packs. He was traded to Oakland in May of 1971 and then purchased by the Cardinals the following month.

Can ya dig it: From where Patterson is looking, his fake pitch may have sailed over the fake right-handed hitter's head.

Right on: This is Patterson's final card.

You see that cat Patterson is a bad mother: Patterson pitched in two games of the 1968 World Series during his rookie year. He pitched three innings, allowed just one hit and didn't allow a run.

Shut your mouth: Patterson was the victim in a famed brawl incident during his final year in 1974. As a member of the Pirates, Patterson was pinned to the ground by the Reds' Pedro Borbon. Borbon pulled out some of Patterson's hair then bit him in the side. The Pirates gave Patterson a precautionary tetanus shot.

No one understands him but his woman: Patterson started just three games in his career. His final start was Sept. 30, 1971 against the Mets and Tom Seaver. Patterson lost the game and Seaver won his 20th of that season.

(A word about the back): OK, floating heads on cards never bothered me, but this one is a little creepy.

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  1. He was "in the military much of 1970" but still worked in 43 games? Wonder how many he'd have pitched if he'd had the full year.

    (I imagine some crusty manager in 1970 growling to his pitching coach: "So what if he's pitched in four straight games? Get him up again. He'll be in the Army in a week and he'll have plenty of time to rest his arm then.")