Tuesday, December 29, 2015

no. 486 - steve huntz

Who is the man: Steve Huntz was coming off the most productive season of his major league career when this card was issued. He played in more than a 100 games for the only time in his career as a backup infielder for the Padres.

Can ya dig it: Huntz may be listed as a Giant, but he never played for the Giants. He was traded from San Diego to San Francisco in December 1970, then shipped from the Giants to the White Sox in March 1971.

Right on: These blacked out caps and helmets aren't nearly as jarring when the player is a Giant. Black hats, you know.

You see that cat Huntz is a bad mother: Huntz played in a whopping 1,332 minor league games for four organizations, the Cardinals, Padres, White Sox and Dodgers.

Shut your mouth: Huntz once hit two home runs in a game off of Tigers pitcher Mickey Lolich.

No one understands him but his woman: Huntz was the other player in the trade between the White Sox and the Dodgers that sent Dick Allen to the White Sox and Tommy John to the Dodgers.

(A word about the back): Love the positioning on the head of Huntz's ... um, Giants cap.

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