Monday, July 4, 2016

no. 549 - jim brewer

Who is the man: Jim Brewer was at the most productive point of his career when this card was released. He was one of the most reliable relievers in the National League and totaled a career-high 24 saves for the Dodgers in 1970.

Can ya dig it: There's some sort of optical illusion going on with the clouds in the background. They appear too close, like they're swallowing up the light pole in the background.

Right on: That's some loop on Jim's first name.

You see that cat Brewer is a bad mother: Brewer is ranked third all-time in pitching appearances for a Dodger with 474. Only Don Sutton (550) and Don Drysdale (518) have more. (Surprisingly, Jonathan Broxton is eighth).

Shut your mouth: Brewer was famously involved in a brawl with Billy Martin during a game in 1960. After Brewer hit Martin with a pitch, Martin flung his bat at Brewer. When Brewer went to hand Martin the bat, Martin punched Brewer in the eye, breaking Brewer's jaw. Brewer later sued Martin and received $10,000 in damages.

No one understands him but his woman: While Brewer recovered from Martin's punch in the hospital, his wife Patsy and his young son had to stay with Cubs teammate Ron Santo's family until Jim was released.

(A word about the back): Brewer was born in California, but went to high school in Broken Arrow, Okla. It's the same high school attended by former Dodger pitcher Brad Penny.

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  1. In my early teens, I had some mad respect for Jim, probably due his ERA in '71 and '72. In retrospect, he was still a very good reliever.