Tuesday, July 26, 2016

no. 557 - tom satriano

Who is the man: Tom Satriano appeared in 59 games (with just 165 at-bats) in 1970, which would be his final season. He retired after the season.

Can ya dig it: I really get a kick out of "catcher squatting" photos. I should start a mini-collection.

Right on: Final card!

You see that cat Satriano is a bad mother: Satriano was an original Los Angeles Angel, playing 35 games at third base as a 20-year-old in 1961.

Shut your mouth: During his final season, Satriano became the personal catcher for Sonny Siebert. Satriano said the arrangement happened by accident. The two were talking during pregame, and Satriano suggested that Siebert be more aggressive with hitters. Satriano caught Siebert's next start and Siebert pitched well. From that point on, Red Sox manager Eddie Kasko made sure Siebert and Satriano were a battery. Siebert went 15-8 in 1970.

No one understands him but his woman: Satriano's daughter, Gina, was the first girl to play Little League Baseball in Southern California. Gina Satriano later pitched for the Colorado Silver Bullets, the all-female team that played male baseball teams during the mid-1990s.

(A word about the back): Satriano went 8-for-19 during that 10-game string in 1962. He also hit two home runs.


  1. Tom and a guy name Danny Murphy are cases where I had inherited their 1963 cards and bought their 1970 cards not realizing it was the same guys for a long time. Tom's 1963 card appears to be an artist's rendition rather than a photograph.

  2. What about Joe Satriani, the great guitarist? Whenever I see Satriano's cards, I hear some wild guitar riff.