Friday, September 16, 2016

no. 576 - cubs rookie stars

Who is the man: Adrian Garrett and Brock Davis each played briefly in the majors in 1970 at three and six games, respectively. Garry Jestadt spent all of 1970 in the minors, on three minor league teams.

Can ya dig it: This is the third version of the rookie stars cards in this set. We've already seen the two-player, one-team rookie stars cards, and the three-player, multiple-team rookie stars cards. This is the three-player, one-team rookie stars card.

Right on: A bunch of reclamation projects on this card. Garrett was getting his first taste of the majors since he played four games for the Braves in 1966. Davis had a similar four-year gap, last playing in the majors for the Astros in 1966. Jestadt had spent the vast majority of his career in the minors since 1965.

You see these rookies are bad mothers: No way. This set has now featured five rookie stars Cubs. The five combined would have five solo Topps cards in their careers (2 each for Garrett and Davis, 1 for Jestadt, none for Jim Dunegan or Roe Skidmore).

Shut your mouth: Brock Davis' actual first name is "Bryshear".

No one understands him but his woman: Both Garrett and Jestadt played multiple seasons in Japan.

(A word about that back): Note the birthdates for Garrett and Davis. They were 27 or 28 years old when this card was issued. Davis appeared on a rookie stars card with Willie Stargell in the 1963 Topps set for crying out loud!


  1. Jim Dunegan worked in construction in the Phoenix area in the late 70s. He worked with one of my little league coaches and he occasionally helped with our practices. I didn't interact with him much since he worked with the pitchers and I was a good field - no hit outfielder. I actually had his 1971 card. I took it to a few practices in hopes that he would be there to autograph it, but I didn't bring it on the right day.

  2. Looking at these rookie "stars" and it is pretty obvious why the Cubs went 108 years between titles.

  3. Brock Davis was in a 1963 Rookie Stars card - like Paul Ratliff - but Ratliff at least had his own card by '71.