Monday, September 26, 2016

no. 579 - marty pattin

Who is the man: Marty Pattin enjoyed his most successful season to date in 1970, winning in double figures for the first time and pitching in 233-plus innings, striking out 161.

Can ya dig it: Half the pitchers during the 1970s look like they're doing the hokey pokey in their card photos. "You put your right hand in ..."

Right on: Look at all that advertising in the background that I wish I could read but I can't.

You see that cat Pattin is a bad mother: Pattin's 126 strikeouts for the Seattle Pilots in 1969 was good for second on the team. Only Gene Brabender with 139 had more.

Shut your mouth: Baseball-reference says Pattin's nickname is "Bulldog," but he is most often called "Duck," for his ability to imitate Donald Duck.

No one understands him but his woman: Pattin married his first wife, Vera (she died in 1996) when he was in college. The entire Eastern Illinois University baseball team came to the wedding and formed an arch with baseball bats for Pattin and his bride to walk under.

(A word about the back): The best part of playing for a two-year-old franchise is saying that you once held the all-time club record in several categories.


  1. Interestingly, Pattin was born in Charleston, Illinois where EIU is located. In the same vein, baseball reference also lists has him attending Arizona State. Which located in Tempe the home listed on his card. Tempe at the time was also the Brewers first Spring training site.

  2. The back photo always bugs me when I see it. Topps can paint the 'M' on there but can't take out the Seattle Pilots stripe on the hat? Never understood this one.

  3. Marty pitched for the AAA Seattle Rainiers when I was in the third grade, living in WA. I became a fan of his and followed his career. He never became the star I hoped, but that didn't detract from him being one of my favorite pitchers of the 70s.