Tuesday, October 11, 2016

no. 584 - indians

Who is the man: The Cleveland Indians barely avoided a second straight last-place finish in 1970, edging out the Washington Senators. Still, it was a long way from their third-place finish in the 10-team American League in 1968.

Can ya dig it: That's a different perspective for the team photo. I'm not sure where the team is posing, but you can see the scoreboard in what must be Municipal Stadium in the background.

Right on: The photo artfully crops out what I'm certain was advertising at the top of the scoreboard.

You see that cat Dark is a bad mother: Manager Alvin Dark, I believe, is seated in the first row directly between the two fellows seated on the ground.

Shut your mouth: It's too difficult identifying the players on what was essentially a group of unknowns (save for Sam McDowell). I'd love to know where Tony Horton is, though. Horton, whose final season was in 1970, didn't appear on any Topps cards during his seven years in the majors.

No one understands him but his woman: Not quite a leisure suit on the guy at right, but an excellent homage to late '60s/early '70s business wear.

(A word about the back): The 20-loss season by Luis Tiant was still fresh in Indians fans minds when they turned over this card.


  1. This was one of the toughest cards to track down while working on this set

  2. Two points: One player identification: in many cases the team photos used in card were also sold with a footer that listed who is in the picture. If this could be found then the elusive camera shy Tony Horton could be singled out. Second 20 loss Luis Tiant, he still holds the modern record but baseball reference show someone from 1901 with more losses. Luis had a lot of nearby company in the 70's with Wayne Garland, Gaylord Perry, Rick Wise losing 19 times.

  3. If we could get a clearer photo of this, it is possible to find out. We already know what Tony Horton's face looks like, from the few custom cards that have been posted. To me, he has sort of a fat-cheeked cherub look to him.

  4. The 1970 Indians team card is a much clearer shot and they wore numbers on the front of their jerseys then. Tony Horton is No. 11 (back row, fourth from right). https://shlabotnikreport.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/1970-topps-indians-team.jpg

    I can't really find anyone on the 1971 card that resembles him.

  5. I have a second of this card presently in my Tony Horton collection