Monday, October 17, 2016

no. 586 - dick woodson

Who is the man: Dick Woodson spent most of 1970 with the Twins as a reliever. The rest of the year he was with Double A Evansville.

Can ya dig it: Poor Dick is working while everyone else just stands around.

Right on: "Dick Woodson" is one of the great baseball names on par with Pete LaCock and Rusty Kuntz. In fact, I'd be so bold to say that I think Woodson's name is only surpassed by former auto racer Dick Trickle.

You see that cat Woodson is a bad mother: Woodson was second on the 1972 Twins pitching staff in victories (14), games (36), innings pitched (251.2) and strikeouts (150).

Shut your mouth: During a game early in the 1969 season, Woodson gave up two home runs to Reggie Jackson. On the next at-bat, Woodson knocked Jackson down twice. Jackson responded by charging the mound and barreling over Woodson.

No one understands him but his woman: Woodson was selected by Players Union head Marvin Miller for the first salary arbitration case in 1974. Woodson was making $23,000 for the Twins and asked for $30,000. He was awarded the $30,000, causing Twins owner Calvin Griffith to moan, "This is going to kill us."

(A word about the back): I believe I've mentioned this before: the phrasing "possessed with an excellent fastball" is both odd and wonderful. An excellent fastball "possesses" him.


  1. Evansville was Triple A in 1970. It was in the American Association, abbreviated AA.

  2. How about Dick Pole? I believe he was pitcher for the Red Sox in the mid 70s.