Monday, December 19, 2016

no. 608 - mike wegener

Who is the man: Mike Wegener spent his second season in the Expos' starting rotation in 1970. But it wasn't nearly as successful as his 1969 season, and he found himself in the bullpen more often.

Can ya dig it: Is that the stadium in the distance? Wegener looks like he's way out in a pasture somewhere. Granted, it's a pasture with palm trees.

Right on: This is the second straight post of a player's final card.

You see that cat Wegener is a bad mother: Wegener went 3-for-4 with four runs batted in during a start against the Mets on July 11, 1969. A solid-hitting pitcher with a career .193 batting average, Wegener delivered a three-run double in the third inning of that game in which he pitched seven innings and got the win.

Shut your mouth: Wegener spent 14 years in pro ball but just two in the majors. After 1970, he toiled for seven years in the Expos, Mets and Giants farm systems.

No one understands him but his woman: Wegener gave up Willie Mays' 3,000th hit on July 18, 1970.

(A word about the back): Wegener missed most of the first two months of the 1970 season after offseason surgery for bone chips in his throwing elbow.

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