Friday, December 23, 2016

no. 610 - amos otis

Who is the man: Amos Otis was coming off a breakout year in 1970 -- his first full season in the majors and his first season with the Royals -- when this card was issued. Somewhere in that time frame, the Mets, who had traded Otis for Joe Foy the previous offseason, were muttering "crap, what have we done?"

Can ya dig it: Otis seems pretty happy with his new team.

Right on: Excellent signature. Also, this is Otis' first card in a Royals uniform. He is cropped so closely on his 1970 card that you can't tell he's really a Met.

You see that cat Otis is a bad mother: Otis was named an All-Star four straight years and won three Gold Gloves. He played for the Royals in the postseason five of six years between 1976-81.

Shut your mouth: Otis was one of those players who made the game look effortless and, as usual, some interpreted that as giving no effort. Otis was called lackadaisical and moody all the while making one-handed catches better than anyone.

No one understands him but his woman: Otis was the 19th strikeout victim during Steve Carlton's 19-whiff game in 1969 (it was the first 19-strikeout game at the time).

(A word about the back): Otis' 176 hits in 1970 was the high for his 17-year career.

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