Thursday, February 2, 2017

no. 624 - athletics

Who is the man: On the verge of greatness, the Oakland A's had finished the 1970 season in second place in the AL West. Beginning in 1971, they would win the division five straight seasons.

Can ya dig it: I can dig an A's uniform from the 1970s.

Right on: Not just any team can wear yellow socks.

You see that cat McNamara is a bad mother: It's a little difficult to pinpoint manager John McNamara in this photo. Obviously he's one of the six dudes in the front in the color-coded white hats. McNamara wore No. 11 for the A's, so he could be to the left of the sitting bat boy.

Shut your mouth: Most of the players are covering up their numbers with their arms, but I can spot a few of them. In the front row, second from the left is pitcher John "Blue Moon" Odom. At the far right in the front row is catcher Frank Fernandez. In the back row, Rollie Fingers is the sixth guy in from the left. Pitcher Diego Segui is the third guy from the right. Pitcher Jim Roland is to the left of Segui. I believe pitcher Chuck Dobson is the tall guy on the far right.

No one understands him but his woman: In every '70s team photo there seems to be a guy wearing a brown blazer with brown slacks.

(A word about the back): The A's put up some giant numbers in their early history. Almost all of the above records remain. The only new addition is reliever Billy Koch, who cracked the above list with 84 appearances for the 2002 A's.


  1. Reggie is in the front row, third from right.

  2. Scott Perry had an interesting career. 1918 was his 4th ML season and first where he appeared in more than 4 games, and he went 20-19 with a 1.98 ERA. 1919, 4-17/3.58. 1920, 11-25/3.62. Then he only appeared in 12 games in 1921 and that ended his ML career. If not for that sparkling 1.98 ERA in 1918 I would chalk it up to being on some bad teams.

  3. Is Joe DiMaggio among the coaches?

    1. DiMaggio was a coach in 1970, but I can't make out the faces well enough. DiMaggio wore No. 5 with the A's.

  4. I'm digging the guy in white on the right who got severely cropped. Clubhouse men get no respect.