Wednesday, February 22, 2017

no. 631 - eddie fisher

Who is the man: Eddie Fisher appeared in 67 games for the Angels in 1970, his most appearances in a season since 1966 with the World Champion Orioles.

Can ya dig it: I think there's a guy standing up on the top edge of the stands below Fisher's right arm.

Right on: Fisher was very confusing to a kid like me who was in a perpetual haze about famous people before my time. At one point I thought that Fisher played baseball and was also a famous singer (confusing him with the '50s crooner of the same name). Then there was the chess player Bobby Fischer and I somehow thought there was a guy who pitched and played chess.

You see that cat Fisher is a bad mother: In 1965, Fisher appeared in 82 games for the White Sox. He saved 24 and won 15, finishing fourth in the AL MVP voting. There was just one Cy Young Award then and Sandy Koufax won unanimously in '65. Fisher may have received the AL award if there was one (or perhaps they wouldn't give it to a reliever then).

Shut your mouth: In 1973, the White Sox featured two knuckleball pitchers on their starting staff, Wilbur Wood and Fisher.

No one understands him but his woman: Fisher knew how to throw the knuckleball when he played for the University of Oklahoma, but coach Jack Baer didn't like the pitch and didn't want him using it. One game, Fisher was struggling and tried a knuckleball, which the batter hit for a double. Baer told Fisher afterward, "Now you know what you can do with that (pitch)."

(A word about the back): I still can't get used to these '71 bios. The guy plays for the '66 Orioles and they've got to talk about Legion ball.

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  1. I like the Little League through College highlights. Especially when I was younger, gave me a common point of comparison, and made the gods on the front seem more human.