Monday, September 4, 2017

no. 698 - brewers

Who is the man: The Milwaukee Brewers finished in fourth place in the AL West in 1970, their first season as the Milwaukee Brewers. They jumped two places from the previous year, when they were the Seattle Pilots, even though they were just one game better than they were in 1969.

Can ya dig it: The Brewers are getting right into the spirit of being the "Brewers" by displaying a Miller High Life ad.

Right on: Having everyone on the team stand for the team photo is not usual procedure, but the Brewers did it a few times in their Topps team cards.

You see that cat Bristol is a bad mother: Manager Dave Bristol, in his first season, is in the second row, the fourth guy from the left.

Shut your mouth: Thanks to this handy key, I can identify the entire team. I'll spare you every name and just mention a few: Tommy Harper, the team's top hitter in 1970, is in the third row, the second guy from the right. To the left of Harper is the team's top pitcher in 1970, Marty Pattin. Famed Seattle Pilot Mike Hegan is the fourth guy from the right in the fourth row. Next to Hegan on the right is Terry Francona's dad, Tito. Slugger Dave May is in the top row, second guy in on the right.

Also, it's interesting to see the traveling secretary, Tom Ferguson, get such a prominent spot (he's the dude in the suit).

No one understands him but his woman: The guys in the letter jackets look like athletes from the local high school but they're actually clubhouse men, the equipment manager and the trainer.

(A word about the back): Harper and Pattin rewrote the franchise record book in 1970.

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