Wednesday, September 6, 2017

no. 699 - jim britton

Who is the man: Jim Britton was playing in his final major league season when this card was issued. He appeared in 16 games for the Expos in 1971, starting six of them.

Can ya dig it: Britton is 6-foot-5 and I can almost tell on this card even though it's basically a mug shot.

Right on: Britton is a native of North Tonawanda. N.Y. Right on! Know it well.

You see that cat Britton is a bad mother: Britton pitched briefly in the first NLCS when the Braves played the Mets in 1969. He threw one-third of an inning during Game 2 with the Braves down 9-6.

Shut your mouth: Britton surrendered the first home run Johnny Bench ever hit in his major league career. It was a three-run shot hit on Sept. 20, 1967.

No one understands him but his woman: Britton supposedly became an FBI agent after his career. I can find only a couple of references to it and they're not the most reliable sources, but I have no reason to doubt it.

(A word about the back): Britton had no stats in 1970 because he missed the entire year with an arm injury.


  1. not to be confused with Jimmy Britton who was on the 1972 Braves rookie stars card. That Jimmy Britton never reached the majors however.

    1. THIS Jim Britton was on the 1968 Braves Rookie Stars card (along with Ron Reed).

  2. Jim Britton can always say that the Braves retired his uniform number....

  3. one of the Jim Britton's -- and I think it was this one -- was pitching a minor league playoff game and IIRC Rochester and Richmond finished the season tied, so a one-game playoff took place September 5 in Rochester, NY for the IL pennant. The Braves won 2-0, thanks to Jim Britton's eight shutout innings. (Sadly, Britton's father suffered a heart attack in the stands during the ninth inning and later died.)

    Fascinating side bar to his career