Friday, October 6, 2017

no. 710 - sonny siebert

Who is the man: Sonny Siebert had completed his second season with the Red Sox in 1970, winning 15 games for Boston. His 1971 season would be even better.

Can ya dig it: Home plate is the over there, Sonny.

Right on: You can see why Siebert was called Sonny from the signature. Siebert's full first name is Wilifred.

You see that cat Siebert is a bad mother: While with the Indians, Siebert pitched a no-hitter against the Washington Senators on June 10, 1966.

Shut your mouth: Before leaving for the ballpark on the day he threw the no-hitter, Siebert's wife kidded him about several recent poor outings on the mound. Siebert said, "promise you'll get off my back and I'll pitch a no-hitter."

No one understands him but his woman: Siebert is the last American League pitcher to hit two home runs in a single game.

(A word about the back): That grounder that just got through the infield was hit by the Angels' Jay Johnstone to lead off the third inning during that July 31st game.


  1. Siebert can always say that both of his uniform numbers were retired at Fenway Park. When the Sox acquired him in '69, he was assigned #27 because #42 (his Indians number) had been assigned to Ken Brett. Next season he was able to get his #42. #27 was assigned to Carlton Fisk a few seasons later and was retired by the BoSox for Fisk in 2000. And as we all know, #42 was later retired throughout baseball for Jackie Robinson.

  2. Sonny started the second game I ever attended