Thursday, October 26, 2017

no. 717 - tommie aaron

Who is the man: Tommie Aaron was playing in his final major league season when this card was issued. He played in 25 games for the Braves in 1971, spending most of the year in the minors.

Can ya dig it: The Laughing Brave logo appears to be laughing at Aaron.

Right on: This is the final card of Aaron made during his career.

You see that cat Aaron is a bad mother: Aaron is part of the most successful home-run hitting brother combo with his older brother, Hank. Of  course, that's a goofy stat as Hank hit 755 of the 768 total.

Shut your mouth: Aaron, a seldom-used utility player, went 5-for-15 during his career against Juan Marichal.

No one understands him but his woman: The debate around Tommie Aaron was whether he received preferential treatment because of his brother or had to work harder because of his brother. The two were teammates for the length of Tommie's career.

(A word about the back): The two home runs mentioned in the write-up were the last two home runs Aaron hit during his career.

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  1. He certainly received preferential treatment from Topps. At times, they gave him cards when he was not in the majors for more than a year.