Thursday, January 11, 2018

no. 742 - royals

Who is the man: The Royals finished four games worse in 1970 than they did their expansion year. But they were still fourth in the AL West, tied with the Brewers, as the White Sox were gawd-awful.

Can ya dig it: All the guys in the front row appear to be praying. 

Right on: This is the final team card in the set. All 24 teams at that time are present and accounted for!

You see that cat Lemon is a bad mother: Manager Bob Lemon is six places from the left in the front row. He replaced Charlie Metro in midseason so I'm assuming they took a team photo after that to reflect the change?

Shut your mouth: Thanks to handy ebay, I found a photo with names identified on the bottom. I won't identify them all because the '70 Royals aren't that interesting, but you need to know that Lou Piniella is the third player from the left in the top row and Amos Otis is the second player from the right in the top row. Famed Pilots manager Joe Schultz is seated left of Lemon.

No one understands him but his woman: The bat boy on the ground, Ed Gunther, seems lonely.

(A word about the back): Thanks to the arrival of Amos Otis in that famed trade with the Mets before the season, the Royals broke all of their batting records in 1970.

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