Wednesday, January 31, 2018

no. 749 - ken szotkiewicz

Who is the man: Ken Szotkiewicz made his major league debut in 1970. He managed to stay with the Tigers for the entire season despite hitting just .107.

Can ya dig it: Check out that signature. He's got 19 letters in his name and you can read just about every one.

Right on: Szotkiewicz is listed strictly as a shortstop in 1970 on his baseball-reference page and indeed he filled in for starting shortstop Cesar Gutierrez when Gutierrez was injured. I'm not sure why Szotkiewicz's position reads "infield".

You see that cat Szotkiewicz is a bad mother: In his first collegiate baseball game for Georgia Southern University, Szotkiewicz hit a home run in his first at-bat and went 4-for-4 against Kentucky.

Shut your mouth: Szotkiewicz's name is pronounced SOCK-uh-witz.

No one understands him but his woman: Sztokiewicz was the 35th of 55 players born in Delaware to make the major leagues.

(A word about the back): Those are Szotkiewicz's career stats. He didn't make it back to the majors after this card was issued.


  1. If this guy's nickname isn't "Eye Chart" I will eat my hat.

    1. I was just about to say this guy was "Eye Chart" before Doug Gwodsz was Eye Chart!

  2. Ken posseses something very rare indeed....a Pan American Games Gold medal. He was on the 1967 team that has the only Gold the USA has ever won in baseball. Only four guys from that team made it to the majors...Szotkiewicz, John Curtis, Paul Splittorff and Tim Plodinec.

    I got some stuff signed by Ken last year. Told me he was unaware that the USA hasn't won gold since that time.