Wednesday, May 1, 2013

no. 171 - bobby wine

Who is the man: Ten-year veteran Bobby Wine had just played in a career-high 159 games for the second-year Montreal Expos when this card was created.

Can ya dig it: This is another one of those first 1971s that I received in a trade for a bunch of late '70s Yankees when I was a teenager. You can see the creases, especially in the lower right corner.

Right on: I love this pose. Don't see it enough. And the chain-link fence is a bonus.

You see this cat Wine is a bad mother: Wine played 12 seasons in the majors despite a career .215 batting average. That's what a hell of a bad-ass throwing arm will do for you. Oh, and playing in the 1960s.

Shut your mouth: Wine managed 41 games on an interim basis for the Braves in 1985. During an end-of-the-season assessment of the roster with owner Ted Turner, Wine went on an hour-and-half tirade, complete with cursing, on the sorry state of the organization. Chuck Tanner was hired as manager for 1986.

No one understands him but his woman: Wine was passed over four different times for the Phillies managerial job during the 1980s. After the last time, in 1983, Wine moved on to the Braves and then the Mets.

(A word about the back): Wine still holds the National League record for double plays in a season by a shortstop with his total in 1970. Rick Burleson of the Red Sox holds the overall record of 147 in 1980.

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