Tuesday, May 28, 2013

no. 179 - mike corkins

Who is the man: Mike Corkins had completed his first full season in the major leagues upon the arrival of this card. He appeared in 24 games and was a spot starter for the second-year Padres.

Can ya dig it: This card is miscut and I never noticed it until I scanned it.

Right on: Are the Padres and the Cleveland Browns the only pro teams to feature brown as their predominate color? It seems like such an odd choice. (I suppose the old St. Louis Browns did, too).

You see this cat Corkins is a bad mother: Corkins is featuring his name on his glove in the photo. Just in case anyone gets any ideas about stealing it. He'll mess you up.

Shut your mouth: Corkins is mentioned briefly in Ball Four by Jim Bouton. During a poor outing after being called up by the Padres in 1969, Astros infielder Marty Martinez yells to Corkins, "Welcome to the National League, kid!"

No one understands him but his woman: Corkins is best known for giving up Willie Mays' 600th career home run. Even Mays remembers that Corkins did that.

(A word about the back): Corkins' eyes are freaking me out. Are there any pupils in there?


  1. Not only did Corkins give up Mays' 600th HR but he was also was the opposing pitcher during Tom Seaver's 19 K performance on 4/22/70. Corkins didn't do to shabby either giving up 4 hits and 2 runs in 7 innings. Fine time to have one of your best career outings.

  2. Had this card as a kid. Corkins' eyes would freak my mom out when she saw his card....but then again, so did actress Meg Foster.