Wednesday, May 8, 2013

no. 173 - gil garrido

Who is the man: In 1970, Gil Garrido received the most playing time he would ever have as a major leaguer. He played in 101 games and delivered 97 hits in 367 at-bats.

Can ya dig it: Garrido is choking up on the bat, which was standard procedure for a 5-foot-8 shortstop in 1971.

Right on: Garrido's initials are G.G.G. I love it.

You see this cat Garrido is a bad mother: Well, to pitcher Denny Lemaster, Garrido was a bad ass. Garrido's only home run in 872 major league at-bats came against Lemaster in an 8-1 Braves victory in 1970. Of course, Lemaster gave up six runs in 1 1/3 innings that game, too.

Shut your mouth: Garrido appeared on a rookie stars card with the Giants in 1964 and then didn't appear on another card until 1969 when he appeared on a Braves rookie stars card. A five-year absence apparently didn't lessen his star power.

No one understands him but his woman: At least one report says that Garrido, who is from Panama, was called up to the Giants in 1961 but because he couldn't speak English, he couldn't find Candlestick Park, and was sent back down to the Pacific Coast League.

(A word about the back): That one career stolen base came in his first season with the Giants in 1964. He would steal another base in his final season in 1972, for a grand total of two for his career.

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