Monday, June 3, 2013

no. 181 - hal lanier

Who is the man: Hal Lanier was entering his last of eight seasons as a regular with the Giants. He'd play a lot less in the Giants' pennant-winning season of 1971 as Chris Speier would take over at shortstop, Lanier's primary position since 1966.

Can ya dig it: I'm not sure where Lanier is fake fielding, but unless it's the coach's box, the territory between the field and the dugout looks rather torn up.

Right on: Lanier is obscuring the Mets logo, but you can't miss old Shea Stadium.

You see this cat Lanier is a bad mother: Lanier won a NL pennant in his first year as a major league manager, leading the Astros to their first title in 1986.

Shut your mouth: When asked to describe his rookie manager in '86, colorful Astros reliever Charlie Kerfeld said: "He's what you call a red ass. He's fiery if you know what I mean."

No one understands him but his woman: Lanier married his wife, Mary, in spring training of 1986. He then managed the Astros to the National League West title, and when the Mets eliminated them in the NLCS, he then went on to his honeymoon to Hawaii.

(A word about the back): The write-up and the career batting average are everything you need to know to call Lanier a "good-field, no-hit" infielder during his career. Yet between 1965-69, he averaged more than 150 games a season.


  1. It's funny 1971 was not one of my "addicted" years for cards. I only brought a few. After 40+ years, I have about 60 cards, and this is only card I have doubles of.

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