Wednesday, June 5, 2013

no. 182 - al downing

Who is the man: Al Downing was at a time of transition when this card came out. After five years of double-digit wins with the Yankees, he spent 1970 with the A's and Brewers, not having much success. He had been traded to the Dodgers by the time kids were pulling this card out of  packs.

Can ya dig it: Rare evidence that Downing was a Brewer! He spent only three months of his 17-year career with the team.

Right on: Downing does not appear very enthused about this photo session.

You see this cat Downing is a bad mother: Downing was the first black starting pitcher in Yankees history.

Shut your mouth: Downing is known for surrendering Hank Aaron's record 715th career home run. Downing has said that the moment doesn't define his career. "It was Henry's moment. It wasn't my moment," he said.

No one understands him but his woman: Downing was called "the black Sandy Koufax" when he pitched for the Yankees, but he never came close to matching Koufax, due to wildness and injuries.

(A word about the back): Downing's 1970 numbers include both his A's and Brewers numbers. He went 2-10 for the Brewers that year, although he surrendered only 3.3 runs per game.

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