Tuesday, June 11, 2013

no. 184 - stan bahnsen

Who is the man: Three years removed from his A.L. Rookie of the Year award, Bahnsen was coming off a 14-win season entering '71 for the Yankees.

Can ya dig it: The guy standing behind Bahnsen intrigues me, but I have no hope of identifying him.

Right on: Bahnsen is not looking where that pitch is going.

You see this cat Bahnsen is a bad mother: During his rookie season, Bahnsen served in the Army Reserves and pitched only on weekends during that time. That seems like a lot to take on, Army service and your first full season in the majors on the hill in Yankee Stadium.

Shut your mouth: Bahnsen was involved in a fight with Vada Pinson of the Indians during the 1970 season. Bahnsen made a high tag on Pinson, who was trying to score on a wild pitch. The two players exchanged words and then Pinson dropped Bahnsen with a left hook.

No one understands him but his woman: According to this sabr account, Bahnsen's wife is a Red Sox fan. Bahnsen calls it "a mixed marriage."

(A word about the back): Those 6 Complete Games were nothing. Bahnsen would throw 14 Complete Games the following season.


  1. Looks like a '5' on the back of the jersey of the background figure. Could it be Ralph Houk? He was number 35. Don't know if he was that thin back then.

  2. i do not think it is a Yankee but an away team. Could be Tigers or the Indians since they both wore dark colors that year