Thursday, December 18, 2014

no. 360 - jim fregosi

Who is the man: Jim Fregosi clubbed what would be a career high 22 home runs in 1970 for the Angels. He also drove in a career high 82 runs batted in and was named an All-Star for the fifth straight year.

Can ya dig it: Fantastic photo. You could see this thing in this year's Stadium Club (with a bigger photo and no border, of course). The Angels have some great action shots in this set.

Right on: Check out those stirrups. That's how I remember players wearing them. I didn't know you could wear them any other way.

You see that cat Fregosi is a bad mother: In 1969, Fregosi was named the Greatest Angel Ever in a fan poll. That's pretty good, even if the team had been around for only nine years.

Shut your mouth: When Fregosi was traded to the Mets in the famous deal that landed the Angels Nolan Ryan, he suffered from a thumb injury and struggled to learn a new position at third base, along with learning a new league. But he also admitted to playing out of shape. "I was leading the good life and loving it. But I was paying for it on the field," he said.

No one understands him but his woman: When Fregosi retired from playing in 1978, he was the last of the original Angels to call it a career.

(My observation on the back): "Another fine season was 1970 for Jim ..."?????? Good golly, where's my red pen?

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