Wednesday, December 24, 2014

no. 362 - orioles rookie stars

Who is the man: Both Mike Adamson and Roger Freed spent most of their 1970 season playing for Triple A Rochester. Freed did appear in four games for the Orioles, going 2-for-13.

Can ya dig it: The word "outfield" is smeared on this card, like they used too much black ink.

Right on: Freed hit the bejesus out of the ball for Rochester in 1970, hitting .334 with 130 RBIs in 138 games.

You see these rookies are bad mothers: Nope. They're not. Yeah, I know the Orioles were the defending World Champs entering the 1971 season, but it doesn't mean these rookies had anything to do with it.

Shut your mouth: Freed put up excellent minor league numbers and struggled in the majors. He was the classic "4A player." A scouting report mid-career said Freed had "too many holes to be a big-league hitter."

No one understands him but his woman: Mike Adamson's major league career was done by the time this card was issued. He appeared in 11 major league games between 1967-69.

(A word about the back): You can see that the Topps Minor League Player of the Year wasn't good enough to avoid being traded that same year. The Orioles acquired pitcher Grant Jackson in the deal.

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