Tuesday, April 7, 2015

no. 397 - alvin dark

Who is the man: Alvin Dark was entering his fourth and what would be final season as manager for the Cleveland Indians in 1971. He was fired 103 games into the 1971 season.

Can ya dig it: I really like the red caps the Indians wore in the 1960s/early '70s.

Right on: The photo is such a tight crop on Dark's head that you can barely make out the famed Yankee Stadium frieze.

You see that cat Dark is a bad mother: Dark took two teams to the World Series. His 1962 Giants lost the Series to the Yankees, but his 1974 A's won it all against the Dodgers.

Shut your mouth: Dark lost his managing job with the Giants in 1964 after a controversial newspaper interview in which he accused his players of making "dumb plays." Dark said he was referring specifically to baserunning errors by Orlando Cepeda and Jesus Alou. But since the Giants featured a great number of minority players on the roster then, Dark was accused of blanketing the team as dumb and of being racist.

No one understands him but his woman: Dark worked for A's owner Charlie Finley on two separate occasions, causing some of his players to question his intelligence/sanity.

(A word about the back): This is the second straight manager card that mentions only his playing career.

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