Tuesday, April 21, 2015

no. 402 - dodgers

Who is the man: The Dodgers were climbing their way back in the early 1970s and finished second in 1970, their best finish since placing first in the National League in 1966. It would be the first of four second-place finishes for L.A. That kind of behavior would get a manager fired these days, but not Walter Alston.

Can ya dig it: I do not know where the Dodgers are in this photo, but it appears they are posing in the stands, which is cool. Look at it quickly, and it seems as if they're sitting in the bleachers at a small college gymnasium.

Right on: I have no idea what the numbers across the bottom of the photo mean.

You see that cat Alston is a bad mother: Manager Alston is seated in the front row, sixth person from the left, or if you want to use the numbers at the bottom as a guide, between the 7 and the 8.

Shut your mouth: These are the Dodgers, so I should be able to ID at least some people. Let's see how I do: Next to Alston on his left is pitching coach Red Adams. At the far right in the front row is a young Bill Buckner. Next to Buckner is a young Steve Garvey. And next to Garvey is a young Ted Sizemore. That is a tremendously fun trio. Next to Sizemore I believe is coach Junior Gilliam. Third from the right in the front row is coach and future Phillies manager Danny Ozark. To Alston's right is coach and future Blue Jays manager Roy Hartsfield. The second row is more difficult to ID, but Von Joshua is the last guy on the right. After that uniform numbers aren't visible and the team is too far away to ID anyone else.

No one understands him but his woman: Gilliam is the only player in the front row with his legs crossed. Make of that what you will.

(A word about the back): So far, Maury Wills has the most games played in a season (165) out of all the team cards that have been shown.


  1. The numbers are on seat backs in the pavilion section, not the most comfortable of seats in Dodger Stadium. But in '71 you could catch homers off the bat of Richie Allen, Willie Davis, Willie Crawford and Steve Garvey. Sadly, this was not a very powerful roster.

  2. Could that be Campy in a wheelchair on the back row 4th from the left?

    1. No, it would be impossible for a wheelchair to get into that part of the pavilion, not enough room. He would have to be carried in, which doesn't seem likely.

  3. So it is Dodger Stadium?