Wednesday, January 13, 2016

no. 490 - deron johnson

Who is the man: Deron Johnson was in the midst of a career renaissance when this card was issued. He hit 27 home runs and knocked in 93 runs in 1970. Both totals were his best since his monster season in 1965.

Can ya dig it: It looks like Johnson had a heck of a time signing the "D" in his first name.

Right on: Another favorite from my early years of owning 1971s. You could shoot a closeup of Johnson in that pose (well, in 1971 you couldn't, but you can now), but this is so much more fun. Look, Johnson is playing in front the largest air vent in the world!

You see that cat Johnson is a bad mother: Johnson finished fourth in the MVP voting in 1965 after hitting 31 homers and droving in 130 runs for the Reds. Johnson did have the good fortune of hitting behind Frank Robinson that year.

Shut your mouth: Johnson was diagnosed with lung cancer while serving as hitting coach for the Angels in 1991. He died in April of 1992.

No one understands him but his woman: Johnson was the first major league player to hit 20 home runs in a season while playing for teams in the American and National leagues. In 1973, he had one whole home run with the Phillies and 19 with the A's.

(A word about the back): Johnson received a bunch of football scholarship offers out of high school, including one from Notre Dame.


  1. Air vent, lol. I was 8 years old when this set came out and I wondered where he was, too young to have heard of Connie Mack Stadium (let alone Philadelphia). Of course, for two years I thought the team name was pronounced Files, so there you go.

  2. That is One Cool Looking Card. RIP Deron.