Tuesday, January 19, 2016

no. 492 - ken boswell

Who is the man: Ken Boswell had completed his second season as the Mets' primary second baseman when this card was issued. He appeared in 105 games, with switch-hitter Al Weis playing at second in most of the Mets' other games.

Can ya dig it: Ken Boswell is retiring the Cardinals' Vic Davalillo in this photo.

Right on: This photo appears to be taken from the same game as the photo on this card. Same teams and pretty much the same angle.

You see that cat Boswell is a bad mother: Boswell slammed a pair of two-run home runs during the 1969 NLCS against the Braves. He hit .333 in that series, helping the Mets to the sweep.

Shut your mouth: Boswell admitted in the Stanley Cohen book "One Magic Summer" that he couldn't focus at the plate when there wasn't anything on the line. "I bet I never got a hit with two out and nobody on. I just couldn't concentrate in those situations. I liked to hit when there were men on base and it meant something."

No one understands him but his woman: Boswell was one of the few bachelors on the '69 Mets team. He said New York women would come on to him, offering to cook him spaghetti. "They'd have a better chance if they fixed spare ribs and chicken," he said in the New York Times.

(A word about the back): Now you know why Topps showed Boswell fielding. Notorious for being a good-hit, no-field player, Boswell erased that reputation by setting the NL errorless mark in 1970. That record is now at 141 games and held by former Cub Darwin Barney.


  1. so what is that structure at the top left? How long did it last?

    1. I would say it is Shea Stadium and picture was taken at the same game as the Jerry Grote card. I think the in action shots for this year were only taken at MLB stadiums during the regular season.

  2. My favorite player when I was growing up. It was hard to like any Met player when one lives in LA. Sorry Nite Owl, I just couldn't like Davey Lopes. Still don't.

  3. That structure is where the standing room only people would be at shea stadium.also people in wheelchairs would be in that area.that was taken down around the 1976 season.look carefully and you will see the whitestone bridge out in the flushing meadows sky.