Friday, January 15, 2016

no. 491 - jim hardin

Who is the man: Jim Hardin appeared in the most games of his career in 1970, pitching in 36, which is even better than 1968, when he started 35 games and won 18.

Can ya dig it: Hardin seems a mere second from spitting.

Right on: Are those Yankee Stadium autograph hunters in the background?

You see that cat Hardin is a bad mother: In Hardin's second season in the majors, he made a real charge to win 20 games. He stalled at 18 though because he lost five of his final six decisions.

Shut your mouth: Hardin was killed at age 47 in 1991 when the plane he was piloting stalled in strong winds and came crashing down in a shopping center parking lot.

No understands him but his woman: Hardin was on the verge of making the major league roster for the first time in 1967. But during an off-day he was stung in the foot by a stingray and went a week before he could put on a shoe. His wife said, "You spend five years in the minors, and you step on a stingray just as you're about to get a chance?"

(My observation on the back): Auburn is the town in Upstate New York, not the university.

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