Thursday, January 19, 2017

no. 619 - 6th series checklist

Who is the man: This is the final checklist, and I still don't know who the man with the bat is, but he's been waiting an awful long time for that pitch.

Can ya dig it: Welcome to the highest of high numbers. These are the cards that collectors were ignoring because they were bored with baseball and watching football.

Right on: One more time, we're 25 cards away from reaching the first card on this checklist, which was the pattern with this set.

You see this checklist is a bad mother: Well, it features cards that are a bad mother to collect, some of the costliest cards you'll find among high numbers (outside of the '72 set and some brutal '60s sets).

Shut your mouth: As you can see by card No. 650, this was the transition phase for Dick Allen as Topps moved from calling him "Richie" to "Dick". He was referred to as "Rich" for the 1970-72 sets.

No one understands him but his woman: There are players listed on this checklist that I couldn't tell you a thing about -- not even what their card looks like. Thank goodness I'm running this blog.

(A word about the back): There you go, the final cards in the set.


  1. I agree . Some very tough cards of guys you know nothing about

  2. Thankfully not too many HOF'ers in this series. I haven't taken on this set yet, but I'm glad not to see the likes of Ryan and Bench looming in the 700's.

  3. Ken Szotkiewicz. Now there's a name.

    And it's interesting that Denny McLain got a 50 card, but two cards from the end of the entire set. Talk about faint praise...

  4. The Only Hall Of Famer I See Is Card # 740 Luis Aparicio.