Monday, January 23, 2017

no. 620 - frank howard

Who is the man: Frank Howard was entering the 1971 season as the reigning "Most Feared Slugger" in the American League. He led the AL in home runs and RBIs in 1970, as well as walks and intentional passes.

Can ya dig it: Howard looks so damn intense on his cards.

Right on: The double hat look, a.k.a. "the subhelmet alliance" (god, I miss writing like that on card blogs and the reaction it received) is very strong here.

You see that cat Howard is a bad mother: Howard was 6-foot-7 in a time when they didn't make baseball players that big. He won NL rookie of the year honors in 1960.

Shut your mouth: Dodgers teammate Jim Gilliam once said about Howard: "A man that big should hit 50 homers every year -- and I mean every year."

No one understands him but his woman: Howard was always critical of his ability, saying he could hit for power, but he was average or below average in other areas. After his career he said: "When people look back on their careers, they say they wouldn't change a thing. I would have. I would have made the adjustments. I would have given myself the chance to put up big numbers."

(A word about the back): Howard had two giant hits for the Dodgers in the '63 World Series -- one a double and one a home run but both at least 450 feet.

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