Friday, January 27, 2017

no. 622 - joe lahoud

Who is the man: Joe Lahoud spent most of 1970 with Triple A Louisville after appearing in 101 games for Boston in 1969 and hitting just .188.

Can ya dig it: You can almost read Lahoud's No. 14 uniform in the photo.

Right on: Lahoud's card here looks similar to his 1975 Topps card.

You see that cat Lahoud is a bad mother: Lahoud hit three home runs in one game while playing for the Red Sox against the Twins on June 11, 1969. He was 22 and is one of the youngest players to hit three home runs in a game (Al Kaline is the youngest at age 20).

Shut your mouth: Lahoud was kicked off of the University of New Haven baseball team between games of a doubleheader by legendary coach Porky Viera. Viera was known for forbidding players to talk back or demonstrate disloyalty. The story goes that when Lahoud found out he wasn't starting the second game of the doubleheader, he threw his glove against the dugout wall and Viera dismissed him. But Lahoud said that he arrived late to the game after his father had open-heart surgery, causing Viera to yell at him. Lahoud said he ended up taking off his uniform right there and walked out in his baseball shorts, got in a car and left.

No one understands him but his woman: Lahoud went to New Haven on a basketball scholarship. He had 34 scholarship offers from some of the biggest basketball schools in the country, but he said in a recent interview he went to New Haven to stay close to his girlfriend, whose name he doesn't remember.

 (A word about the back): Speaking of power (it's there in the write-up), Lahoud hit his first career MLB home run in his second career at-bat, off of 30-game winner Denny McLain in 1968.


  1. ".....but he said he went to New Haven to stay close to his girlfriend, whose name he doesn't remember....."

    LOL...I've walked in those shoes, too.

  2. Hell, there are a few GFs (ok, one's an ex-fiancew) whose names I wish I could FORGET...