Friday, March 1, 2013

no. 151 - tommy davis

Who is the man: Tommy Davis was a man on the move in 1970. He played for three teams that year and by the time this card hit packs, he had been released by the Cubs and signed by the A's -- one of the teams for whom he played in 1970.

Can ya dig it: Davis doesn't look very happy to be a Cub. It's either that or the fact that every last corner on this card is creased.

Right on: Topps deserves a "good job" for getting Davis in a Cubs uniform, especially in the second series. Davis played just 11 games for the Cubs at the end of 1970, but it appears that Topps lucked out. I think Davis is in Shea Stadium in this picture. The Cubs played a season-ending series in New York in 1970 and, of course, Topps is based in New York. Instant opportunity.

You see this cat Davis is a bad mother: Davis' 1962 season still amazes me. His 153 runs batted in that year remains the Dodgers' franchise record.

Shut your mouth: The Mets traded Davis to the White Sox in 1967 for Al Weis and Tommy Agee. Both Weis and Agee were key figures in the Mets' World Series championship in 1969. "You think the Mets would send me something for helping them win," Davis said in an interview with SABR.

No one understands him but his woman: Davis played for 10 teams over a 10-year period. No reasons were given for his frequent traveling, but some have speculated that his casual attitude toward the game may have played the part. Davis was very low key, even during his young all-star days with the Dodgers, and that can often be mistaken for "not trying."

(A word about the back): "Tommy played with 3 clubs in both leagues in 1970." That makes it sound like he played for a total of six teams in 1970. Hey now, three was enough.

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  1. Wow back to back cards of the kings of scowl. Although some Davis cards show him smiling. In an 18 year career, Davis had 3 separate pictures of him re-used in subsequent cards, must be some kind of record.