Tuesday, March 12, 2013

no. 154 - cesar gutierrez

Who is the man: Cesar Gutierrez was coming off his best major league season at the time of this card's appearance. It would be his only season as a full-time starter. He played in 134 games in 1970 and no more than 38 in any of his other three seasons.

Can ya dig it: Gutierrez looks mighty wistful there in Yankee Stadium.

Right on: I can't make out the first number on the uniform of the person walking away in the background. The second number appears to be a "0." The 1970 Tigers with a zero in their uniform number were pitchers Bob Reed (20) and Lerrin LaGrow (30). I suppose it could also be a coach.

You see this cat Gutierrez is a bad mother: Gutierrez achieved his single greatest feat as a player in 1970 when he produced a hit in seven straight at-bats against the Indians in a 12-inning game, the second game of a doubleheader. That record would be equaled by the Pirates' Rennie Stennett in 1975, although Stennett went 7-for-7 in a nine-inning game.

Shut your mouth: Gutierrez's nickname was "Cocoa." When Gutierrez produced his seven hits, the Associated Press writer wrote that maybe they should change his nickname to "7-Up."

No one understands him but his woman: Gutierrez is featured with the Expos on his 1972 Topps card as he was purchased by Montreal in spring training of '72. But Gutierrez never played for the Expos and his last season in the majors was in 1971.

(A word about the back): The record Gutierrez tied was by Wilbert Robinson of Baltimore in 1892. Robinson supplied six singles and a double, just as Gutierrez did.

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  1. That guy in the background looks like a coach to me and it looks like he is wearing #50. If so, that would make him 3rd base coach Grover Resinger.