Thursday, March 14, 2013

no. 155 - ken henderson

Who is the man: Ken Henderson was coming off his best season as a major leaguer as he saw his playing time jump in 1970. The player heavily touted from all the way back to his high school days had finally arrived.

Can ya dig it: This is another well-worn item from that first batch of '71s I acquired as a young teenager.

Right on: Henderson signed his name "Kenny," but I don't remember anyone calling him that.

You see this cat Henderson is a bad mother: Henderson was touted by some writers as "the next Willie Mays" when he hit the majors in 1964. Mays seemed like he had lost a step in his mid-30s, and Henderson was being groomed as a potential replacement in center.

Shut your mouth: Of course, Mays re-emerged with an MVP season in 1965 and performed well for the Giants for the next seven or eight years. "There was nobody that could replace Willie Mays," Henderson said years later.

No one understands him but his woman: Henderson performed as a regular starter for the Giants between 1969-72, but then was traded to the White Sox. The man once thought as Mays' replacement had been pushed out of the outfield by Bonds, Garry Maddox and Gary Matthews. After a strong season in '74, Henderson transformed into a journeyman player, performing for the Braves, Rangers, Mets, Reds and Cubs.

(A word about the back): Bobby Bonds led the 1970 Giants in stolen bases with 48.

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