Thursday, March 5, 2015

no. 386 - red sox

Who is the man: The Red Sox were treading water in the early 1970s. After changing managers to Eddie Kasko for the 1970 season, Boston finished 87-75 and in third place, the exact same record and same position as in 1969. In 1971, the Red Sox would win two fewer and lose two more games and finish -- you guessed it -- in third place.

Can ya dig it: I believe that is a team photo in Fenway Park, possibly in front of the right field bleachers. But I could be so far off that it's actually in a different ballpark. Ballparks, even ones that have been around since 1912, change so much.

Right on: Am I looking at Tom Yawkey in this photo? I have no idea. This is a very hazy picture and, by far, the worst team photo in the set so far.

You see that cat Kasko is a bad mother: I couldn't tell you where Eddie Kasko is in this photo. Maybe the fifth guy from the left in the first row? This picture is like a holdover from those 1960s team cards.

Shut your mouth: No chance of identifying anyone in this picture.

No one understands him but his woman: Kasko was the bridge between two managers who brought the Red Sox to the World Series -- Dick Williams in 1967 and Darrell Johnson in 1975. But the best Kasko did for Boston was second place.

(A word about the back): Those pitching leaders are insane. The complete games, innings, wins, losses, shutouts, hits allowed, and ERA records are all still intact.


  1. I googled another version of this picture and answered a few of your questions. That doesn't appear to be Tom Yawkey in the front row in the suit. I'm guessing it's the GM? Kasko is indeed the 5th from the left in the front row. Reggie Smith is behind the guy fourth from the left. I think Yaz is next to the guy standing in the light shirt on the left with perhaps Rico Petrocelli on the other side of Yaz. Carlton Fisk may be 3rd from the right in the third row.

  2. Yes it looks like it was taken in front of the bullpens in right field.

  3. Hmmmmm. I guess that wasn't Fisk in the picture. He wasn't on the '70 squad at all.