Thursday, March 19, 2015

no. 391 - twins rookie stars

Who is the man: Steve Brye made his first appearance in a major league game in 1970 while Cotton Nash made his last. Confused? Well you won't be after this edition of ... Twins Rookie Stars.

Can ya dig it: This is the second team to have two rookie stars cards in the 1971 set. The Pirates were the first. Here is the Twins' first.

Right on: I am very distressed right now that a player named Cotton Nash did not become a well-known figure in major league baseball.

You see these rookies are bad mothers: A player named "Cotton" or no, they're rookies and therefore not bad-ass. (Nash got his nickname because of his light blond hair).

Shut your mouth: Steve Brye will forever be known in my mind as the favorite player of my younger brother's stuffed lion. I've mentioned this on three blogs now and it sounds as ridiculous as ever.

No one understands him but his woman: Nash is one of the few to play for both Major League Baseball and in the NBA. Nash also played pro basketball in the old ABA.

 (A word about the back): Nash played in parts of the 1967, 1969 and 1970 seasons for the White Sox and Twins, but his pro baseball career ended after a season in the Rangers' organization in 1972.

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  1. Nash got off to a sizzling start at Portland in 1971, and there was an article in The Sporting News about him possibly hitting 50 HRs that year. He cooled off and ended up with 37. Despite putting up some good power numbers in the minors, mostly in AAA, he ended up with only 16 major league ABs. I guess his advanced age and relatively low BA kept him from being a legitimate prospect.