Friday, March 27, 2015

no. 394 - clay carroll

Who is the man: Clay Carroll maintained his reputation as one of the top relievers in baseball in 1970, not only posting a 2.60 ERA in 65 games, but shutting down the Orioles over four appearances and nine innings in the World Series.

Can ya dig it: Carroll is working over some tobacco in that photo. It's the second time in six cards that a player's featured a chaw.

Right on: Carroll was nicknamed "Hawk" because of his profile, but I've always thought he looked more like a gremlin.

You see that cat Carroll is a bad mother: Carroll saved 37 games in 1972, which was a major league single-season record at the time. It remained the National League record until Bruce Sutter broke it in 1984.

Shut your mouth: When Bob Gibson complained in '72 that pitching in the All-Star Game would interfere with his role in the Cardinals' starting rotation, Carroll reportedly told a Reds official, "give me the ball, I'll go 9."

No one understands him but his woman: Carroll's second wife, Frances, was shot and killed by his stepson. Carroll was injured in the shooting and the stepson is serving a life sentence.

(A word about the back): Geez, he hit a game-winning home run against Gibson, too? Gibson must hate this guy.

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