Friday, March 4, 2016

no. 508 - roger repoz

Who is the man: Roger Repoz was entering his final full season in the majors when this card was released. He set career highs in almost every offensive category in 1970.

Can ya dig it: Another fine '71 Topps action shot. Enjoy the few that are left, because there are no action cards in the final 232 cards in the set.

Right on: Repoz featured a strong uppercut swing and you can see it with his backswing in this photo.

You see that cat Repoz is a bad mother: During the late 1960s, Repoz set a major league record by going 894 at-bats without hitting into a double play.

Shut your mouth: When Repoz was coming up with the Yankees in the early 1960s, he was compared to both Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle.

No one understands him but his woman: After his major league career, Repoz played five years in Japan and put up the best numbers of his career. In 1976, there were reports of Repoz, Charlie Manuel and Clyde Wright getting into a fight with the East German Olympic hockey team at Tokyo disco. Repoz claims it was just a verbal argument and no punches were thrown.

 (A word about the back): I'm assuming by the last sentence that Topps named a Player of the Month in the International League during that period.

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  1. Ah yes... the first of several "the next Mickey Mantle"!