Friday, March 18, 2016

no. 513 - nolan ryan

Who is the man: Nolan Ryan was entering his final season with the New York Mets when this card was issued. He made some modest gains in the 1970 season, starting in what was then a career-high 19 games.

Can ya dig it: What a fantastic card. I could stare at it for hours. For my money it's the best Ryan card ever made, I don't care what this says. I've often wondered whether there was any intent behind the Royal Crown Cola banner being featured so prominently behind Ryan.

Right on: I'm very pleased that I managed to trade for this card as a teenager. No cents were spent on this rather pricey item.

You see that cat Ryan is a bad mother: I'll take the easy way out and say there ain't nothing more bad-ass than leading the entire world in career strikeouts.

Shut your mouth: Enjoy this action shot. It's one of the last ones in the entire set.

No one understands him but his woman: After the 1971 season, Ryan reportedly told his wife he was considering retiring because the results weren't there. There are conflicting reports on whether Ryan said he would retire if the Mets didn't trade him or whether he was simply considering retiring.

(A word about the back): Has one player done so much for putting a town on the map like Ryan has with Alvin, Texas?


  1. Love the fixation on the minors in these blurbs. Not "Regular member of 1969 World Champion Mets' staff," but "Outstanding Pitcher in Western Carolinas League, 1966."

  2. Love this card and this set. The '71 set is so compelling despite its simple design.

  3. Next to the Clemente card (I'm admittedly biased), this is my favorite card in the set. A classic Ryan action shot with an unorthodox but very cool background.

  4. This Card is what A Card should be....Awesome! Got it, So Lucky.