Wednesday, March 30, 2016

no. 517 - charlie fox

Who is the man: Charlie Fox was coming off his first season as the Giants' manager when this card was issued. He'd go on to lead the Giants to the N.L. West title in 1971 and was named the league's manager of the year.

Can ya dig it: Fox's four manager cards for the Giants are very similar. About the only thing that changes is the shading on his glasses.

Right on: Fox appears to be in mid-conversation.

You see that cat Fox is a bad mother: Fox is often credited for helping to develop Hall of Fame slugger Willie McCovey.

Shut your mouth: Fox gained the Giants job when Clyde King was let go after the Giants squandered an 8-0 lead and lost to the Padres 17-16 in 15 innings. Fox, who was managing the Triple A team in Phoenix, was listening to the game on the radio when Phoenix GM Rosy Ryan walked in and asked how things were going. Fox told him about the Giants game on TV, explaining that King was using up his entire pitching staff and had a doubleheader the next day. "He's in real trouble," Fox said to Ryan. Then Ryan said, "Oh, no, you're in trouble. You're the manager tomorrow."

No one understands him but his woman: Fox punched out Expos pitcher Steve Rogers in the clubhouse during an argument in late July, 1978. Fox, the general manager for Montreal, loudly criticized shortstop Chris Speier for his game performance the previous night. Rogers, the team's player rep, took offense and an argument followed. Fox challenged Rogers several times and Rogers shoved Fox, causing Fox to belt Rogers in the jaw. After the season, Fox was demoted and the incident with Rogers was cited as the main reason.

(A word about the back): Fox really did manage way back in 1947. As the bio says, he was a player-manager for a decade in the minor leagues for the Giants.

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