Thursday, August 11, 2016

no. 563 - giants

Who is the man: The San Francisco Giants dipped a bit in 1970. After five straight years of finishing second, they dropped to third, behind the Reds and Dodgers, with an 86-76 record. Manager Clyde King was fired in May and replaced with Charlie Fox.

Can ya dig it: Whoever cropped this photo heartlessly chopped out half of an equipment manager or trainer from the photo on the right-hand side.

Right on: You probably can tell that this card is miscut -- diamond cut, in fact. If you can't tell, you will be able to when I show the back of the card.

You see that cat Fox is a bad mother: It's difficult to make out faces in this photo, but I'm guessing that manager Charlie Fox is not in this picture, since he didn't show up until May, and team photos were typically shot during spring training. If previous manager Clyde King is in the photo, the odd thing is the guy who looks most like him, is the guy in the glasses standing up next to the second row on the left. But he's not wearing a uniform.

Shut your mouth: The Giants of this period featured some notable players -- and some tall players. Bobby Bonds is the first guy on the left in the third row. Move three players to the right and that's Willie McCovey. Gaylord Perry is over on the other end of the row, second guy from the right. I'm fairly sure Willie Mays is the first guy on the left in the second row, next to that guy who really looks like Clyde King. But the blurriness makes me less certain.

No one understands him but his woman: I think they mixed some bat boys with some regular players on the bottom row. It makes the second guy from the left look like a giant (get it?).

(A word about the back): There's that diamond-cut action. ... The Yankees and Dodgers have met a record 11 times in the World Series. But the Yankees and Giants are right behind with seven meetings, all before 1963.

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